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Why Choose an Auto Body Repair Specialist?

The field of auto body repair has evolved greatly over the years, from regular body paint jobs to full body reconstruction. Auto body shops perform a wide range of auto body repairs, focusing on restoring vehicles to factory specifications and performing preventive maintenance. Repairing accident damaged cars is a tricky craft which not only restores the car to its former appearance but also repairs its intricate mechanical parts to stringent manufacturing and safety standards. The autobody repair technician needs advanced knowledge to diagnose the problem correctly and then utilize a wide range of tools and machinery, including welding skills to make the repairs.

There are many different areas in which an autobody repair shop can work. In the case of collision repair, the shop might first replace the damaged panels with new ones. This is often the most difficult part of a collision repair since some panels may need to be replaced individually and some damage requiring reparation may also require new door panels or bumper plates. If all the damaged panels are replaced, the car can be brought back to factory standard. If the collision damage is so extensive that it will take more than just the replacement of damaged panels to bring the car back to factory specifications, the repairer will have to undertake a full body rebuild.

In the case of serious structural damage like windshields or bumpers, full body rebuilding might not be possible as the entire vehicle would need to be restored and reinstalled. When vehicles involved in multiple collisions suffer similar damage, several different auto body repair shops might be called upon to do collision repair on the same vehicle bodies. For example, if a sport utility vehicle is involved in a rollover crash and the driver’s windshield is severely damaged, it could easily be fixed by one of several auto body repair shops in the area. However, a different shop might be required to perform autobody repair on the damaged vehicle bodies when a complete replacement of the windshield and bumpers is not feasible.

Some states, like Washington, allow an auto mechanic the freedom to charge whatever they like for autobody repairs, even if the vehicles involved are ones that are not necessarily “high value.” It is important, however, for anyone seeking to repair minor damage to their vehicles to check the local laws regarding auto body shops charging for labor or work before visiting a particular service center. Not all auto mechanics are familiar with Washington State laws concerning auto body repair, so it helps to have a professional who is knowledgeable in this area inspect your vehicle prior to the service appointment. Since many auto mechanics are employed through license boards, it is especially important to ensure that a service center employing auto mechanics has obtained the proper certifications. A qualified professional will make sure that the body work being performed is completed in a competent and legal manner.

There are numerous reasons why an auto body repair technician might conduct collision and autobody repair, and some of them can be explained here. High-end automobiles frequently experience collisions that can potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair. These collisions present unique circumstances that must be analyzed by a skilled technician before the car can be put back on the road. For instance, if the top of a car is damaged in a high-speed crash, an experienced auto body repair shop might replace the glass without compromising the structural integrity of the rest of the automobile. If the front of a sports car is damaged in a collision, a qualified technician might replace the panels without having to strip off the entire roof.

When damage occurs to a vehicle’s body or windshield, it’s not uncommon for a professional to recommend that vehicles be taken to a specialty repair shop rather than attempting to fix the problem on their own. Repairing a windshield that has been hit by another automobile is only safe if the windshields of all vehicles on the road are intact. While most drivers know that it is safer to have both cars insured, many do not have the skills or expertise to perform comprehensive coverage to protect the structural integrity of their vehicle bodies. Auto body shops are able to quickly diagnose vehicle damage, repair any damages to the frame of the automobile, and restore vehicles to their pre-accident conditions in no time at all.

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